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Free Task Tracker

This month's free template is a spreadsheet base that I like to call "Do, Ditch, Delegate"


This spreadsheet is designed to help you look at EVERYTHING you do in your studio and decide which things you're going to DO, DITCH or DELEGATE!

DO = Tasks that you have to do yourself
DITCH = Things that just don't need to happen in your studio at all
DELEGATE = What tasks have to happen in your studio but don't necessarily need to be done by the you i.e. things you can outsource to a VA!

Fill out your details below and we'll send you our FREE Task Tracker template for you to use - no strings attached!


We guarantee 100% privacy and promise to keep your email address safe.  We may also be in touch periodically with timely tips and advice for studio owners looking to remove the overwhelm from their lives. You can opt-out at any time.

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