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Team Onboarding Email Series

Team Onboarding Email Series


A thorough onboarding system is absolutely essential when welcoming new team members to your studio. This will give you the opportunity to set your expectations when it comes to how early you expect your teachers to arrive before a class, how they take attendance and the actual material that you expect them to teach.


Your onboarding system should also clearly lay out how you will communicate with staff and how you expect them to communicate with you. Do you have a schedule of meetings that will be mandatory for them to attend?


You get:

  • 12 ready-to-use emails purposefully written to provide new families all the information they need about your studio
  • Mini training with additional email tips and ideas delivered straight to your inbox
  • A set-and-forget solution - anything that can save you time AND get you results is a win in our book!
  • 99% of the work done for you


Please note: You'll need a free Google account to access this the template. If you don't have one, create one for free here.

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