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Teacher Agreement

Teacher Agreement


Having a formal agreement in place with your teaching team is essential so both parties know exactly where they stand. Having expectations written in a contract helps to not only define your rules, but also outlines the benefits of staying with your studio.


Our comprehensive four-page agreement template covers:

  • Teacher duties & responsibilities
  • Policies covering interactions with students
  • Use of studio facility by teachers
  • Proprietary information and confidentiality clause
  • Compensation
  • Code of ethics 
  • Artistic direction
  • Studio policies and procedures
  • Termination of contract


This professional template is provided as a Google Doc and comes with highlighted prompts making it easy for you to update and customise according to your own studio.


Purchase this easy-to-update template and you'll have a professional agreement that you can utilise year after year in your studio.


Template is provided as Google Doc. You need a free Google account to access this template. Don't have one? Visit to create one for free.

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