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Lesson Plan Templates

Lesson Plan Templates


Looking for a way to stay organised and efficient in your dance classes? Look no further than Dance Studio Assist's Lesson Plan Templates!


Our templates include 5 fully customisable layouts with space to record lesson outcomes and goals, class resources and playlists, class activities and timings, plus extra notes. And with the ability to easily customise each page with your personal choice of colours and fonts, you can create lesson plans that reflect your studio or personal style.


But the benefits don't stop there - by duplicating pages, you can create bespoke lesson plans that you can use year after year, making it easy to stay on track in class and create a curriculum that works for you.


Plus, with the included mini training video, we'll show you how to customise your lesson plans and even export them for use with popular note-taking apps such as GoodNotes or Evernote.


And if you prefer a more traditional approach, simply print and go - our lesson plans are easily accessible and ready to use immediately.


With Dance Studio Assist's Lesson Plan Templates, you'll have more time and energy to devote to your students, helping them achieve their dance goals and reach their full potential.


Don't wait - order yours today!

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