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Dance Studio Promotional Email Series

Dance Studio Promotional Email Series


If you need to grow your studio but feel overwhelmed trying to promote your classes and events, we can help!


Email is one of the BEST ways to reach potential dance families and by using our done-for-you email templates, you can fill your classes without spending hours personally replying to emails, messages, and phone calls.


You get:

  • Six ready-to-use emails purposefully written to encourage conversion 
  • Mini training with additional email tips and ideas delivered straight to your inbox
  • A set-and-forget solution - anything that can save you time AND get you results is a win in our book!
  • 99% of the work done for you


It's time to start marketing with confidence and welcome more families to your studio!


Please note: You'll need a free Google account to access this the template. If you don't have one, create one for free here.

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