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Preparing for the concert: 7 things you can do NOW

As a dance studio owner, you understand the excitement and challenges that come with preparing for an end-of-year concert. The key to reducing stress levels during the November-December concert season is to start planning and organising early.

By taking proactive steps now, you can ensure a smooth and successful event. Here are seven essential tasks that dance studio owners should tackle in July to get ahead for their end-of-year concert preparations.

1. Backdrops

Once you have decided on a theme or title, start considering the backdrop for your stage. If your venue allows it, digital backdrops are a great option that will save you money if you're used to traditional scrims or fabric backdrops. Using projection-based backdrops, you can customise your concert with multiple changing backdrops at the press of a button.

2. Venue logistics

If you haven't already done so, lock in your venue! Once everything is confirmed (or even before!), start planning the logistics tailored to your chosen venue. Consider dressing room space, bump-in and bump-out times, and any volunteer arrangements. By addressing these details now, you can avoid last-minute stress as the concert approaches.

3. Rehearsal schedule

Parents and dancers will appreciate knowing the rehearsal schedule well in advance. By sharing the schedule months ahead, you allow families to plan holidays and other commitments accordingly atm what is traditionally, a very busy time of the year. Clearly communicate the importance of attendance from the get-go and emphasise that you're making dates available early to ensure families can arrange other commitments around your schedule. If making an entire rehearsal schedule this early induces anxiety, make general plans (kind of like a 'save the date') and confirm details later.

4. Show orders

Start your running orders now! Even if you have no firm timings, start planning for each dance in your show to avoid major clashes. Having a pre-planned show order provides a structured approach, making it easier to plug in the names of dances in the program. This helps streamline the process and eliminates unnecessary confusion during rehearsals and performances.

5. Logos, branding, and programs

In the age of social media and digital marketing, branding and promotion play a vital role in attracting an audience to your concert. Utilise platforms such as Instagram to create a promo video and engage the community. Start designing posters and flyers now to generate excitement and ensure your studio's brand is showcased effectively.

6. Checklist of the little things

Creating a running checklist for the small items required for the recital can be a game-changer. Include essentials like stage tape for marks, medical supplies, phone chargers, extra tights, earrings, safety pins etc.

7. Ticketing Options

Consider implementing ticketing software to streamline the ticketing process. While you may still offer traditional paper tickets at the door, technology-driven solutions are becoming increasingly popular. Start thinking about ticket prices, how you will sell them, and if you plan to print them yourself, ensure you have the necessary paper and ink supplies.

Want to make sure you're not missing a thing? Click here to download our FREE Ultimate Concert Checklist.


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