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How to target your dream customer with Facebook ads

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Running ads on Facebook can be a great marketing tool for your studio IF you're targeting the right people.

There are so many ways your studio's paid advertising can stand out from the crowd but if your dream client isn't seeing your ads, it doesn't matter how much time and money you spend getting the images and copy just right!

With Facebook ads, it's not so much about reaching the most people as it is reaching the right people: remember, when you talk to many, you talk to no one. However, creating killer audiences in your Facebook ad manager shouldn't just be a matter of targeting people who live in your area and list "dance" as one of their likes.

The first step in creating a winning marketing message - and getting your ads seen by the right people - is to understand your audience or, in the case of a dance studio, audiences because let's face it most studios today will cater to parents of pre-schoolers, recreational students, competition dancers as well as older students ready to take the next steps in their dance education.

The Avatar Exercise

An avatar is a representation of your typical customer. You likely have several types of customers, and so you will have several avatars. The young parent is a different avatar from the advanced dancer. It’s OK to have several; just remember that your avatar is a composite representation.

Think of your avatar as a real person and spend some time thinking about their demographics (age, gender, income, location), their hobbies/interests, why they're interested in dance and what might prevent them from signing up at your studio.

Creating a library of your avatars will help you picture your customers and get inside their head. It will help you dig down and really understand their needs. Then, you can use that information to create audiences in Facebook's ad manager tool that you can use to target specific groups of people that are most likely to respond to your ads.

Need some help? Download our FREE Audience Persona Workbook by clicking the link below (remember complete one for each of your client avatars)

Creating your Facebook audience

So now you have your client avatars it's time to use them to create your audiences in Facebook Ad Manager. These audiences will be used to ensure your ads are reaching the right people (ie. your dream clients!) and will also help you create engaging images and copy for those ads.

Spend some time matching your avatar demographics to your new audience in Facebook ads. Match your avatar's location, gender and age, and then use the detailed targeting section to match their income, career/education or hobbies they might have.

TOP TIP: When selecting Location in Facebook Ads' Audience tool always ensure 'Living In This Location' is selected and then drop a pin on your studio's address to get the most specific radius. Otherwise Facebook may show your ads to users who have merely visited your area in the past.

Remember, the better you understand your target market, the more you’ll be able to focus your ads and reach the audience most likely to convert into customers.


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