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Optimise your website to maximise enrolments

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

A good website is a great way to show off your studio's classes, teachers and facilities.

Your website is, without doubt, the best marketing tool your studio has so it makes sense to ensure it's optimised to attract new students without you having to lift a finger. Even if parents hear about your studio through a word-of-mouth recommendation, they'll probably check out your website first before getting in touch.

A good dance studio website will provide prospective clients with all the information they need and should also include a simple way for families to get in touch with you if they're looking for more information.

Here's some tips to ensure your website is working for you.

Make it mobile friendly

Chances are most people will view your website on their phone or tablet so it's important to make sure it looks just as good on a small screen as it does on a big one. Your text needs to be a clear font and easy-to-read with links clear and highlighted in a bold colour. Images should be sized to fit a mobile screen too and not overwhelm your text. Mobile-friendly web pages will now rank higher in mobile search results versus non-mobile-friendly pages.

Use your own images

This one is SO important because you want to create a connection between your potential families and your studio - and stock images just don't cut it. If you don't have images of your own students to use, consider organising a photo session and invite students to take part. You could also take advantage of the professional photos that offered at many competitions these days - these are a great way to get top quality images of your students in action without spending a lot of money.

Images of your own students help create a connection with potential clients

Optimise your website for search engines

There may be some people who come directly to your website but it's more likely the majority of your traffic will land on your page through a web search. Keywords and a website that is kept up-to-date will help your website appear higher up in search results (called a ranking). Make sure that you create different pages for each kind of dance class you offer (e.g. “ballet classes”, “hip hop classes”), and optimise these to earn traffic from search engines. For extra points, make sure your Google Business listing is up-to-date and ask trusted parents to leave a favourable Google review

Include a call to action

Once you've attracted potential families to your website, the aim is to convert them to students. Make it as easy as possible with a clear call to action that will direct users where to go next. Whether it's details on how to contact the studio or a link to online registration, make sure your call to action is clear and simple.


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