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Holiday workshops that wow

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Make the most of your studio space during school holidays with events for your students and the community.

In Australia, we're halfway through our first term of 2022 with the April holiday break fast approaching. For two weeks, studios around the country will be empty while students and teachers recharge for the busy competition and exam seasons ahead.

But even though your regular classes aren't running over the Easter break, it doesn't mean your studio should sit idle while you continue to pay rent and utilities. Holiday workshops and special events are a great way to make some extra income and even promote your studio to a new audience.

Create a buzz

Even if you haven't locked in exactly what you're going to offer just yet (I have some great theme ideas later in this blog), now is the time to start creating some hype around your holiday offering. Ramp up interest by using your social media channels to countdown to a big reveal of your theme/guest teachers/special event. Captions such as "Great things in the works, CAN’T wait to share what we have in store for these holidays, check back soon for more info!” will generate excitement. Share photos of your team working on the schedule or cryptic clues about the type of event you're holding. Pick a release date and announce it to your studio family in advance by providing an exclusive invitation to view/register for workshops or special events early for current customers. Then make a big deal for customers to reserve their spots before you open up registration to the public.

Use it as an opportunity

Thinking of adding a new style to your class offering or even a new team member? Special workshops are the perfect opportunity to try out both and the holidays are the ideal time. Circus skills and cheerleading are popular choices for a lot of studios but, depending on your current class roster, you could also think about branching out to different genres such as Latin, acrobatics, boys-only breakdance or musical theatre. As studio owners, we're often contacted by freelance teachers who have a great skill set but might not for any of our current vacancies - this is the perfect chance to get them into your studio, utilise their unique offering and give your students a new experience.

Team with a theme

Themed workshops or events will ALWAYS generate more excitement than just announcing that you're holding holiday classes. Depending on your theme you can also include non-dance-related activities too to save on teacher costs. These type of workshops can also help attract new families to your studio - especially if they're not too "dance heavy". Some great ideas I've seen recently are:

  • Create a Show in 3 Days - teachers and students work together to create a short themed show (you could pick anything!) which is then presented to families in a special "in-studio" performance. Get the students involved in the production (prop making etc.) You could even sell refreshments to your audience for some extra income.

  • Easter - An Easter-themed holiday workshop is perfect for this time of the year! Include Easter craft activities, Easter cookie decorating, a bunny-ful ballet class, a hippity-hoppity hip hop class and an Easter Egg Hunt!

  • Disney - Pick your favorite Disney movie and go! Create fun themed crafts, learn a song from the movie, make a themed costume and then hold a choreography competition using music from the soundtrack.

Think outside the box

You don't have to just hold dance classes or workshops to make use of your space over the break. A studio sleepover and movie marathon, a one-night dance party, yoga for teens or even an adult fitness BootCamp will prove popular with students and the community alike.


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