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Does your studio need a blog?

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

A blog doesn’t have to be complex! It is all about creating new content and could even attract new students.

So do you really need a blog on your studio website? In short the answer is a resounding yes! But before you freak out, adding a blog to your studio website doesn't need to be complicated and you definitely don't need to post every day!!

You're the expert

Writing a blog is a great way to position yourself as an authority in your field and captivate your readers’ attention. A blog on your studio website gives you an opportunity to show what you know and showcase your studio and staff. Updating it regularly (twice a month is a great start) also shows you're engaged with your studio and the broader industry.

Improve your SEO ranking

A well-written blog that is updated regularly can boost your site's search engine ranking meaning you'll pop-up more often when potential clients are searching local dance studios. Consider topics that focus on relevant keywords and relate back to your website or business. You can also add hashtags (#ballet #jazz #tap) throughout your posts to reach more people, and help visitors search for relevant content.

Let your studio shine

Blogging gives your site a voice, so let your studio’s personality and values shine through. Choose a great image to feature in your post or add a video for extra engagement.

Our top tips

  • Try to come up with a simple blogging schedule you can stick to.

  • All posts should be 250-500 words and contain at least one image.

  • Your blog should be on your website and not on another website.


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