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Band App Basics

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

If you don't already have a studio app, Band is a great (free) solution that will help streamline your communication with your dance families.

If you're a studio owner who wants to centralise your studio communication away from social media channels, Band might be the answer.

A free platform - available for both Apple and Android operating systems, it has an easy-to-use interface very similar to Facebook groups and is definitely one of the most popular solutions with studios I work with for communicating with clients and staff alike.

But, as we all know, it doesn't matter how streamlined your communication is if your families aren't on board. One of the keys to successfully using Band for your studio communication - and my top tip when introducing Band to your studio - is to make it a non-negotiable for both your team and your clients.

Make it impossible for clients NOT to download the app and include "incentives" such as exclusive in-class videos or maybe even discounts to merchandise if they show you a particular post from your Band page on their phone.

With the new dance year fast approaching, now is the perfect time to start planning to launch (or maybe even relaunch) Band to your families. Follow our tips at each stage to create hype amongst your families and maximise their "buy in"

Before You Launch

Start by creating a realistic timeline for launching Band including enough time for you to set up and explore the app yourself, train your team and then, finally, introduce it to your families. Depending on the size of your studio, you might want to include a 'pilot' period where you test out using the app with a group of trusted families to iron out any issues.

Think about how many Band pages you want to use for your studio. Most studios I work with will have one main Band for the general studio community and then separate Band pages for different age groups, class categories and/or performance teams plus one for staff communication. But the way you set up Band for your studio is completely up to you. Remember there is no right or wrong here - do what works best for your studio community.

Setting up Band is simple but there are a few tips and tricks to make it more user-friendly in a studio environment. Check out this video where I walk through setting up a Band page including recommended settings within the app.

The next step is to get your team on board. Organise a team training session (or record one to send to them) and set out your expectations for how they should be using the app. Make sure you're clear about if/how they should be communicating with families via the app and any other guidelines you want to put in place. If you're stuck for resources, Band has a great help section with lots of valuable step-by-step guides.

If you have a Social Media Policy in your studio, ensure you update it to include Band and make sure everyone in your team has a copy and understands how it relates to them. Don't have a Social Media Policy? Keep an eye on this blog in the coming months!

The last step is to plan how you will communicate with your families about the new app. I recommend putting together an email explaining how the new app will make everyone's lives so much easier and maybe even a few screen recordings to show them the basics of using the app. Keep emphasising how the app will benefit them and how easy it is to use and remember to encourage parents to turn on notifications so they never miss an alert.

Make posters with QR codes to download Band and put them around the studio and waiting room, post the link on social media and include your Band link on your email signature, newsletters and website. When I launched my app in my own studio, I created simple simplepostcards using Canva which included a QR code to download the app which we sent home with students, left on the reception desk and included in any uniform order.

The Launch Phase

Once you've let all your families know about your new app, hit the ground running and start using it straight away! There's no good hyping up how amazing it is, if you're not going to use it consistently. If parents don't see the value, they will stop using it and you'll be back at square one.

If you're planning to transfer all of your studio communication to the app, make sure you have a transition period where you're using other channels (email etc.) let families know to check Band for an important update. This will 'train' your families to start going straight to Band when they are searching for information.

Getting The Most From Band

Like all communication channels, Band will only be effective if you use it consistently.

Keep tabs on how often your team is posting and encourage them to post "behind the scenes" footage from class - especially in the lead up to big events. Families will love this sneak peek inside the studio!

Make sure you're taking advantage of all the features Band has to offer including the Events tab and Attachments tabs - perfect for getting RSVPs for in-house events and storing longer studio notes.


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