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5 tips for a stress-free Viewing Week

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

With families basically shut out of our studios for the past two years, your first Viewing Week of 2022 is sure to be popular with parents.

But studio owners know planning a successful Viewing Week is more than just throwing the doors to the studio open to all and sundry.

Make the most of this special event and ensure your students and their families are prepared with these helpful tips.

Be inclusive

It's 2022 so time to ditch the old "Parent's Week" and go for something more inclusive such as Viewing Week or Watching Week. Sometimes it’s a grandparent or a step-parent who is driving the dancer’s education and you don’t want to inadvertently offend anyone with the language you use, so strive to keep things all-inclusive. Keep these weeks open to anyone in your dancers' lives who wants to observe their dancing.

Make sure your teachers are well prepared

The main reason families will attend this event at your studio is to watch their dancer but don't forget your team is also on show! Make sure your front desk staff and teachers are aware of your expectations for them during Viewing Week:

  • Do they need to wear a certain uniform?

  • Should they directly address the viewers and explain each exercise/element of the class?

  • Do you want them to run their class as normal or only show certain parts?

  • Is there a short sequence they can show at the end of the class?

  • Should they give dancers have the chance to show their work individually?

  • Are there messages you need them to relay directly to parents?

It's up to you how you communicate your expectations with your team but it's always a good idea to put things like this in writing. You could send an email, post on your team's private Facebook group or even provide a list of guidelines in each studio and any staff areas.

Use it as a chance to promote upcoming events, campaigns or classes

Viewing Week is a great opportunity to promote the studio because you have your families' undivided attention. Use it as a chance to get everyone excited about what’s coming down the pipeline. You could event print out a script for our teachers to read to our families that informs them of any performance information (mid year concert, eisteddfods etc.), event details and anything else they can look forward to later in the year.

Don't forget to provide a chance for videos and photos

Happy clients are one of the best marketing tools you have at your studio so make sure your audience are given an opportunity to record their dancer in action. Remember to be mindful of privacy and not allow families to simply record large chunks of the class with other students. Rather, if time permits, it's a good idea to allow students to perform individually towards the end of the lesson. You could even create a hashtag or mini promotion to encourage families to post their photos and videos online and tag your studio.

Set your expectations

There is nothing more distracting for students, teachers and other families than that one parent who is constantly in and out of the studio, shifting around during the class or, worse still, talking during class. Be very clear from the get-go about how you expect visitors to behave when viewing a class in your studio. Distribute handouts to everyone who attends Viewing Week (download yours below!), display reminders in your reception area and post them on your social channels. Remember that some of the people who come to Viewing Week might have never been in a dance class before so you need to be clear about what you expect. Use friendly language and point out why you have these guidelines in place.


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