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5 studio tasks you can outsource today

When you run a small business, you get pretty used to doing everything yourself. But what if I told you there is help available (and it won't cost you an arm and a leg)?

When I ran my dance studio I was completely overwhelmed to the point of burnout with all the menial tasks I had to take care of. Looking after the nitty gritty details took valuable time out of my day and by the time I showed up at the studio to teach in the afternoons I was already exhausted.

When the Covid pandemic triggered a change of direction for me, I came up with the idea of business specialising in helping overworked studio owners (just like I was). Enter DSAssist!

You may have heard of virtual assistants (or VA for short) before - basically a VA is self-employed worker offering administrative services to clients from a remote location, usually a home office. At DSAssist, we specialise in all the tasks associated with running a dance studio.

So how exactly can we help you - the stressed out studio owner? Think about the amount of time you spend each week on the following tasks and now think about everything you could do with that time if someone else was looking after those tasks for you!

  1. Social Media - Posting to Facebook or Instagram several times a week often lands in the "too hard" basket for busy studio owners. Giving this task to a VA to handle will not only free up your time but will also help drive engagement in your channels which can also boost enrolment.

  2. Costume Management - Whether it's competitions or concert costumes, a VA can help you order costumes, manage student sizing and payments and ensure you make a profit. One less thing for you to worry about!

  3. Website - Does your website need a full facelift or just some minor updates? A VA can assist with both ensuring the public face of your business is working FOR you.

  4. Communication - Are you often fielding emails, messages and calls from families asking about information you've already sent out? A VA can help streamline studio communication saving you time - and your sanity!

  5. Research - Time-draining research - whether it's searching for a performance venue or absolutely anything else - can take hours of your time. A VA can assist you no matter what it is you need.

If you want to free up your valuable time, why not consider scheduling a call with DSAssist to see how we can help you? Click here to book your free, no-obligation call with us today.


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