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5 changes to make to your Instagram profile today

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Get to know your Instagram profile and make these simple changes to boost the SEO on your profile and make it very clear to your potential families what you do and how you serve them.

When potential families find themselves on your Instagram page, you’ve got one moment to capture them!

That moment is your Instagram bio - the top part of your Instagram profile that includes a profile picture, username, name, short bio, a link, and highlights. These items, combined, are the first impression that potential clients will have of your studio so it makes sense to spend time getting them just right.

Username & Profile Name

Both of these are searchable on Instagram so make sure they match your studio name. A lot of experts will say your username and profile name don't necessarily have to be the same and that having different names here gives clients double the chance to find you. BUT be careful how you do this if you do decide to use different names. Personally, I think it's best to keep them the same to avoid confusion.

Profile Pic

Keep your profile pic simple and clear but indicative of what your studio is about! Ideally, you would use your studio logo here but if your logo is not fitted correctly for an Instagram profile, then choose a clear image that reflects your studio (ie. happy students!). Avoid photos that are too cluttered or zoomed out too far. Remember, this is a small space.


Think of this section as your 30-second pitch!. Keep it exciting, clear and concise. Cover where you are, who you serve and how you do it. Your studio mission and/or values could work here too or try using 3-4 bullet points with emojis. For some extra inspiration, scroll down to download our FREE Instagram Bio Checklist.


This is your opportunity to pull people into your website, get them to book a trial class or sign up to your mailing list. LinkTree is a great option here - it's free and allows you to list pages you want to highlight on your website (like your registration page!) This means that people will click to exactly where they need to versus landing on the home page and getting lost in the entire website.


This is where you can give your potential families a chance to peek into your studio and see how you do things! Bring people behind the scenes, introduce them to your team, share performance or class videos and post your favourite testimonials. When making highlights for your profile, aim for 5-6 separate sections.

How to get your FREE checklist

Our FREE Instagram Bio Checklist will help you to ensure this important marketing tool is best serving your studio! We've even included instructions on how to update these sections using your smartphone or desktop. Click below to get yours now.


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