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Create your dream studio with  meaningful and achievable goals

Goal Setting Guide

Setting goals for your studio is one of those tasks that we tend to put off.

We think that we know in our minds where we want things to go and how we want our studios to flourish and grow. 

Having a clear purpose gives you the motivation to keep going when times get tough. And that purpose is what will form the basis of your goals - every goal you set will lead to that overall purpose.

So dive right in and start planning your year ahead (and beyond!) by getting some of those big thoughts down on paper.

Hi there, I'm Chelsea

I'm a second-generation studio owner and dance teacher with more than 20 years industry experience as well as considerable media, management and administrative skills.

I started Dance Studio Assist to help fellow studio owners run the studio of their dreams without sacrificing time with their family and friends. Basically, I created a service I wish I'd had access to when I was running my own studio.

I know how hard you've worked to build your studio - I've been there too! But what good is all that hard work if you can't enjoy the lifestyle that should go with it? That's where I come in.

I empower studio owners like you to hand over some of the nitty-gritty tasks involved in running a studio freeing up valuable time and energy to spend doing... well, whatever you like!

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